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The Marshall Lead 12 3005 is a small 12W mosfet amplifier manufactured in the 1980s. This is the 3005 version, consisting of a head and two speakers, both with a 10-inch Celestion G10D-25 cone.

The inputs are the purest Marshall ones: two inputs, high and low and adjustments for gain, volume, treble, mid and bass, plus a headphone output on the front and lineout behind. Stop. Here there are no reverbs, sends and returns, or even various digital effects.

The Marshall Lead 12 3005 is a raw, direct, no frills amp, even in sound. The attack is very strong and the dynamics are truly remarkable. The sound is from Marshall, more driven on the mid-highs than on the bass. needless to say, the more you push the volume the more the amp improves. But be careful, don’t think that with only 12 W you can still take it to the limit at home! Not at all, it has volume to sell !!!

Used Marshall Lead 12 Mini Stack 1989

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