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  • This amazing clone pedal is designed and built on the basis of the Legendary Klon Centaur, and it’s full handmade and using the best quality components and the same circuit as the original one, and using the plug-in components only like the original. So, it is as close to the original sound as they come.

    Get all of the Klon Centaur overdrive effect, and without paying a incredable pricing. (Over USD 2000 for the original).

    A classic never goes out of date. All of the people who bought this pedal like it very much, so I think you’ll like it too. Please note that they are produced in limited quantities. If you want to get a pedal like legendary Klon Centaur overdirve, no hesitates, this clone pedal is just what you want.

    There are many similar items on the eBay, but you will love this one!!!


    •  Gain controls

    •  Treble controls

    •  Output controls

    •  True bypass switch

    •  On/Off LED indicator

    •  Battery Type: I pc 9VDC battery (not included)


    •   AC Adapter (Optional): 9VDC, Negative Tips (not included)

Demonfx K-CENTAUR Klon Centaur overdrive effect

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